Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ethan's First Birthday Party

Today we had Ethan's first birthday. It is hard to believe he is one (well on Tuesday). The year has gone by so quickly. Here are a few pictures from Ethan's party.

Ethan was pretty tired by the time we got to the presents so mom and dad had to open most of them for him. However he is very grateful for them all. Ethan got to play with his friends, swing on the swings, play with bubbles and eat cake! What more could a boy ask for?!?!

For those who know me well, they know that I am not the most domestic person. I am really trying to work on that so for Ethan's first birthday cake I made a chocolate dinosaur cake from scratch and even frosted it myself. I must be honest I thought it turned out pretty cute.

At the end of the day Ethan fell asleep on grandma. It is hard to turn one!!
More photos to come...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm blogging

Okay so I decided to get on the blogging bandwagon. I have had this blog since November 2008. I thought it might be a good way to get things out of my head; an outlet for me, a way to express myself that is non threatening. I thought I could focus on being a working mom and share my thoughts and feelings about that. Obviously since today is January 29th and I created the blog in November I am not doing so well. Maybe that is what being a working mom is like...oh well I am going to try to be better at this. Here is to blogging.