Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our house-yard

Like I have mentioned previously, the last couple months have been busy and filled with LOTS of changes. One of the more positive changes is that we have moved. We had been wanting to move for quite some time, but there was lots of things in the way. But those things are no more and a couple months ago we moved into a cute little house in the neighboring city. We LOVE it. The neighborhood is quiet and safe, we have a garage and a yard and Auntie Sami has her own room instead of my couch. God has truly blessed us with being able to live here.

I don't have a whole ton of pictures of the house; we still have lots of things to do to finish decorating and "moving in." But I do have some pictures of our new backyard. When we moved in the "grass" was green but we quickly learned it was all weeds and then died pretty quick. So we decided to redo the backyard.

Our backyard before

The grass arrives!

Chatzski was so excited about the grass that she claimed the first piece that was laid down.

Our friends Jill and Chuck helped us out a TON.

Laying down the sod

My feet after laying the sod down on the dirt. Thought you all might like that one.

The finished product!

I will work on getting more photos of the rest of the house. But for now we are all just enjoying our backyard!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Last week I decided to have Ethan do a little art project. I had bought a couple of actual art canvases last year. I had an idea in my head, but it was not going to work out after all. So I decided what could be cool than having an actual art piece of our son's hanging in our house.

So I got him all dressed up for painting!I got out all our paint supplies.

And I let him go at it.
I must admit it was a bit hard to sit back and let him do his thing and not help him with colors and placement. But I wanted it to be 100% him, so I did not say anything at all.
It got pretty messy out there; that is why we started this project in our yet to be finished backyard.
At the end he was so excited to show me his finished project! I absolutely love it!! And now it is hanging in the hallway outside his bedroom! We will always cherish this piece of art he did.