Thursday, May 7, 2009


I can't wait, I have about 5 weeks left of work until summer break. Although I am so busy and looking forward to me break, I am very concerned about so many of my friends and the state of education. It is not just my district and not just California school districts. The economy is affecting school district across the country. I hope things get better before mid-August (when my district goes back to school), but I don't know if the nations economy is looking that bright. I really don't understand why, when it comes to tough economic times, our schools get cut. I feel bad for the students whose education will be suffering; as much as we try to make sure the budget cuts don't affect the students, it does. We end up cutting extracurricular activities that keeps kids off the streets, we cut sports that helps to keep kids motivated to stay in school, we considering shortening the school year so kids go to school less days, and we even try to make kindergarten only 4 days a week. This is just a sample of what some districts around the country are doing to cut cost. Times are tough everywhere you look right now and I understand that, I just we wish we as the adults come up with a way to protect our children from all this economic crisis. Please pray with me for state of education and the impact the economic crisis is having on education. God can move mountains.

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