Friday, August 13, 2010


Today Ethan and I had a chance to go to Legoland. I had never been. Ethan went one time when he was one with Chris, but I ended up with food poisoning so I missed out. Well today my good friend Stacey had a free pass and used it on me. That was nice of her. Thanks Stace.

The boys had such a wonderful time, they are such great friends.

Ethan giving N a hug. So cute.

The boys got to play on the cool Duplo playgrounds. There was even a train ride that they got to go on by themselves. Made me a little sad that he could ride a ride without me. But he LOVED it and had a fantastic time on it.

They a huge "splash pad playground complete with waterslides. N LOVED the water slides. Ethan on the other hand had a great time watching N, but never got any higher than the third step up. He is not a fan of water dropping on his face from above. :)

Stace and N riding the plane ride.
Look I was even there. :) A rare self portrait to prove my attendance.
It is such a great park for little kids. The boys had a great time and now both of them are fast asleep napping to their hearts content.


Karen said...

Looked like a ton of fun!! I love Ethan's face on the train

J and C Smith said...

What a fun day for them! He is growing up so fast!

J and C Smith said...

Loved your hat btw!