Saturday, September 11, 2010

New House E's Room

I mentioned a while back that we moved. About the time we moved it seemed like the sky started falling and our lives got turned upside down. I have been wanting to post photos of our new house (mainly for my records, but some people have actually ask to see them. shocking!). I did a post a while back showing our backyard and grass we put in. Well today I am going to show you some photos of Ethan's room. Eventually I will show photos of the whole house, but like I said things got turned upside down so although we have been living here a while it only just now getting FULLY decorated.Ethan loves his sports themed bedding. He also has Lightning McQueen sheets that Gamma made for him. He LOVES those!

Daddy screen printed this poster a long time ago. When we moved we found it (funny how that happens) and thought it would look cool in Ethan's room.

Ethan's room with all his toys in their home. This is not always the case. This is just minutes after we finished cleaning his room.

N-Tee Sami and Mommy painted these mini canvases for Ethan's room of all things Ethan: a baseball, robot, football, car and a bug. He loves them all.

My Ethan looking up at the aforementioned paintings (I had just finished hanging them). Ethan we love you so much baby!!!

**As we continue to finish the rest of the house I will post more tours. We are getting close, we spent all day today cleaning out the remaining boxes in the garage and hanging things on the walls throughout the house.


Wendi said...

What a nice, fun, comfortable space you've created for him. : )

J and C Smith said...

It's looking great! I know how time consuming and expensive it can be when you move into a new home. We have been in our house four years now and I still don't have two of the rooms completely decorated yet!