Thursday, June 23, 2011


I got a new toy a couple months ago. Well it is new to me and I love it! I just recently made room for it and can't wait to sit down and make my first project with it.

This was my grandmothers sewing machine that she bought when my mom was a little girl. My mom (who is a rocking seamstress, quilter and master of the sewing machine and has her own blog here) learned to sew on this when she was in junior high.

Isn't it so cute! I love the vintage, retro look!

In all honestly I have not done much sewing in my life. I took home economics and my mom taught me to sew when I was younger but I just never really picked it up as a hobby. Well in the last couple years I have seen some things in the stores that are a small fortune that I think "seriously, I could make that." So I had been wanting one for a while. I let you know what I end up making first!

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Wendi said...

How sweet of Gram to pass this sweet little number on to you. I know you will create some wonderful, good stuff. Can't wait to see where "she" takes you.