Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kinlee-3 months

Wow three months has gone by incredible fast. On one hand it seems like you have always been here with our family and on the hand it seems like just yesterday me and daddy were bringing you home.

But so much has changed. You made our family go from three to four. You are the perfect addition to our little family, God knew just who we needed. You are such a laid back little girl. You don't seem to mind when your big brother runs up to you and kiss you over and over again. He loves to get right up in your face. And in his world you are "MY baby," as he often calls you. I can't wait to watch you grown up and run around with your brother in the backyard.

You have grown so much since you were born. You went from being at the 5% percentile for weight to the 88% in weight and now the 95% in height. You are almost 14 pounds and are 24 inches long (at your 2 month appointment). I love your rolls that you have on your little arms and legs. Too cute for words!

You are sleeping well. AS long as you are swaddled we can put you down in your crib and you will go right to sleep on your own. You sleep from about 9pm to 5 or 6 am. You love to suck your hand or finger and you sort of like your paci. You love to give out smiles and you are trying to laugh. You have the most beautiful smile and it melts your daddy's heart. You don't like tummy time and you will tolerate laying on your back for about 5-10 minutes. You don't roll over yet, but you are getting close. You rolled over on our bed today, but you had a little help since it was on a bed.

You are a very happy baby and you almost never cry, except when you are hot, you despise being hot! One a trip to orange county last weekend we had to move you to Poppi and Meemaw's car because the air conditioning vents in their car were right above your car seat. You went from screaming in mommy and daddy's car to sleeping calmly within 5 minutes. You hate the HEAT! Since we don't have air conditioning in the house you often take your naps in your swing or in your pack n play. Your favorite place to be is in your swing. You much rather be at home in your little routine swinging in your swing than you would going out and bough (total opposite of your brother, he always did better outside).

You are a beautiful little creation of God's. We all love you so much and can't wait to see how God continues to grow you and mold you and our family. Happy 3 months Kinlee Joy.

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