Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It has been a while since I have written. I thought about sitting down and blogging many times in the last week or so, but every time I start, I can't think of anything to blog. I need a muse. :)

So lets just update...how is the family and the full time working mom doing?

The school year is in FULL swing. There are lots of things going on and I am busier than ever, which is good. I hate being slow, but I also fear I won't get all of my caseload accomplished. It is no secret that the California budget is severely lacking and education is certainly paying a price, as are many things. When at work, everywhere I turn I am reminded of more financially robust times. Walking through the main office at my middle school and seeing a once Assistant Principals office now vacant and being used by office T.A.'s, a counselors office that is vacant, my office at special education also has multiple vacant offices and desks. There was a time when there was no offices to be had and now they are a dime a dozen it seems. It is sad. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be ending anytime soon. Just this week the subject of mid year cuts has surfaced and we know there will be cuts at the end of this school year. It is sad, nerve-racking; hard to work when you don't know if you job is secure. But I am confident all will work out in the end.

This past weekend Chris and some others took the youth group kids to Magic Mountain for the day. It is pretty far from where we live, so we decided it would be best if Ethan and I stayed home. Well Chris and the youth had a great time and so did E and I.

I was without a car for the weekend (the youth needed mine and I can't exactly drive Chris's truck. Sad) so when a group of my friends planned to go to the local splash pad with their kids and found out I had no car to get there, one of them volunteered to pick us up. It was soooo fun. My friend has two boys N (Ethan's age) and Z (only two months old). We put three car seats in the back of her car. It was a sight; we had to turn E's car seat backwards to make all three fit.

A little hard to see but this is the backseat with all three car seats

They all had so much fun playing in the water

Once we got there the five children and four moms had a blast. Everyone got wet in the splash pad area, even if we did not think we would. The big kids played on the playground going down the slides. It was so cute to see them all interacting and us mom's had an opportunity to talk to other moms. Always a nice treat.

At the end of the trip, we had a tried group of kids on our hands

Well not much else has been going on with us lately. Chris and I have been busy working, cooking and cleaning and raising E. Ethan has started talking much more and is being his silly little self. I guess we are all just content and going about our daily life. Not much to report. :)

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