Thursday, October 1, 2009

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Is that the way that saying goes? In recent weeks that phrase has run through my mind as I watch Ethan. Kids are this crazy creation of the two of you. It so funny to look at Ethan and see Chris's characteristics come out then two seconds later one of my characteristics pops out; and then there are characteristics that we have no idea who to attribute them too.
I have been known to have some OCD traits. Personally, I feel that I have made some improvements in these areas. I have learned to accept the fact that not everything in my house has a place (we may be out growing these 950 square feet), although I do, about once a month, go on a "purging" trip throughout the house and try to find stuff to get rid off (with the end goal to be making enough room for everything to have its own place). So maybe my progress is not that great. However, this is not the point of my post tonight.

This evening Ethan came around the corner of our hallway whining and pointing (like he just found a bug) down the hall towards the bathroom. I followed him so he could show me what was bothering him. He walked into the bathroom and that was when I noticed it...the toilet lid was up. Not the toilet seat, just the lid. He was very upset about it. I put the lid down and he quickly ran out of the room and played with his toys. Umm. I think he might have some of my tendencies. But at least I know he will put the toilet seat down. Oh, and he definitely has Chris's sense of humor. More on that another night.


Karen said...

Thanks for making me laugh this morning!

Alexis said...

that was hilarious! thanks for sharing. it is amazing to see the traits little ones inherit (or observe) from their parents. can i hire you to come "find a place" for everything in my house?

amanda said...

I would love to come out and help find places for things in your house Lex! I have ran out of space in my own house, so yet again this weekend I am going to work on purging some items. Either that or we need to find a way to be able to move out of our condo. We keep praying a door will open.