Thursday, October 8, 2009


Fall is wonderful. I think it is my favorite season. Although we live in San Diego so fall is a little more subtle than it is in other places; I wonder if I would like it as much if we lived in a state that gets "real" fall. I don't know.
But fall is a wonderful time. The colors start changing, God's creation is beautiful with all those colors, pumpkin is the greatest flavor (especially the Pumpkin spice latte), there is all sorts of local festivals, and you get to wear your sweaters you have had packed away (I love fall and winter clothes).
This past Friday we went to Oktober Fest out in La Mesa. It was a fun evening of people watching, bratwurst eating, funnel cake tasting, checking out cool things to buy and watching this ride that spun around super fast (Ethan loved staring at that ride).

Mmmm Bratwurst (Love Germany food)

Funnel Cake

This was the cool spinning ride that Ethan loved staring at.

Ethan and his mommy

Ethan and his daddy
Do you like Ethan's hat? I love it! My mom is starting a little boutique called Bethadee Zoo (really long story, but when I was younger I called elephants Bethadee's and insisted that was their name no matter what anyone told me). She is very talented and makes all sorts of cool things. This hat is a little something she made. She will be making some more for us to sell on the Cross Your Heart website and there will also be some for sale at Justice Day. She is going to make them in different colors and is going to make some with skulls and hearts alternating on them; perfect for little girls.
We are thinking about selling the beanies for $12. Do you think that is too much? Give me some feedback.
Thank you, hope you all have a good night!!


Karen said...

I would love a beanie for Kayden! 12 sounds good to me!

Alexis said...

looks like the festival was fun. love the pic of you and ethan. he is a cutie and you are as beautiful as ever! i can't believe your mom made that hat. it is adorable. you would totally be able to sell them for 12 bucks.

J and C Smith said...

The hat is great! $12 is a great price! Wendy is one talented lady!

jesse and susan said...

ooohhh. i like those! let us know when they are officially for sale. your mama is so inventive and crafty. i love it. i think we have at least a couple of her quilts here.

Samantha Michelle photography said...

The hat looks really good.......Mom is pretty good. I love the pictures of you guys. In the picture of you and Ethan, he looks a lot like Chris and in the picture of Chris and Ethan he looks like you. It's funny. I love his little half smile he has in the photo with you. I can't believe how big he is getting. Time really does fly. You are an adorable family. I love Fall too. Mmmm.....funnel cake and pumpkin spice lattes. Miss you.