Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Last weekend, during the youth groups ugly sweater Christmas party, our good friends The S's came by to exchange Christmas presents. Their little girl G is one of Ethan's favorite people. She is about a year and a half older than E. Her mommy took care of Ethan when he was just a little guy when I first went back to work and the friendship began back then. Since they now live far away (not that far though) they don't see each other to often but they both have so much fun together.

Here are the two kids opening their gifts (remember this was the ugly sweater party, hence my strange attire).

Ethan giving G a hug thanking her for the gift.
G and her family gave Ethan a hotwheels carrier. He absolutely LOVES it. It holds 100 hotwheels (his most favorite toy) and it has wheels and a pop-up handle. This is a photo of him RIGHT after his nap today. I told him we were going to go for a walk to the mailbox and he immediately ran over to his new toy and wheeled it to the door. He wheeled it the whole way to the mailbox and back.
S Family and G, thank you so much the gift. It is Ethan's new favorite toy!

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Priscilla said...

that is the CUTEST little girl and the CUTEST little guy!! i'm so glad he likes it!