Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ethan is 2

February 3, 2008. Superbowl Sunday was the day Ethan arrived. It was such a fantastic day and we love Ethan more and more everyday!

Happy Birthday Ethan.

A letter to my son:


On this night 2 years ago, about this time (at the exact moment that the New York Giants won the superbowl) you were born. Maybe being born on superbowl is the reason for your love of all things sports. That night was the great moment in my life. You were a month early. We had no idea how long you would hold on, I was so excited that we made it that far. You were born healthy with no complications. You were so tiny and precious. The last two years mommy and daddy have been so blessed by you and your life.
You have really grown into your personality. You have a fantastic sense of humor and love to laugh and make us laugh. You love exploring and being outdoors. You love playing with your hot wheels track and have recently tried to bring it into bed with you at nap time. You are talking so much more now, although you are very shy and don't like to talk in front of people you are not familiar with or in large groups. You are learning more of your colors and letters as well as animals. You learned how to say your dogs name, Chatzski (Cha-hee). You crave adventure and can often be found trying to climb or fall (on purpose) on the couch or pillows. Needless to say your second year of life has brought a few medical/hemophilia related injuries. You amaze mom and dad with how strong you are and the high pain tolerance you have. God does miracles in your life everyday. You love to give hugs and kisses and often ask and sign for "more" kisses. You are not the biggest fan of food, unless it is a fruit or a carb. Meat is not your thing, but you LOVE oranges. You have a favorite blanket and are not so happy when I try to get you to sleep with a new one. You like your routines and the order in which you learned things. You love to throw and still think it is funny to throw in the house. You would sit and watch golf, if we let you. You love our nightly reading of your children's bible and point out all the pictures on each page. You have the sweetest disposition. I love you so much and thank God for the miracle of your life everyday. Your life has taught me so much, how to be a better person, how to love God more and how to trust and depend on Him, among others.
Happy birthday my Ethan. Mommy and Daddy love you more than words could ever attempt to express.

Love mommy
Ethan at Birth

Ethan at one
Ethan at two


Samantha Michelle photography said...

Geeze....making me cry. Happy brithday Ethan!!! N-tee loves you!!! Those pictures are adorable by the way.

Karen said...

Love the progression of photos! he just gets cuter and cuter!

Alexis said...

What a beautiful post! He has grown into such a handsome little man. Hope to meet him some day.

susan said...

happy birthday ethan!!! he is truly a morph of you two. it's crazy!

Anonymous said...

You've made me a better grandpa as well. Happy Birthday, E man
Grandpa H.

J and C Smith said...

Such a sweet letter for a sweet a boy! Happy Birthday Ethan! Cake looks good enough to eat :)

Rachel said...

Wow...2 already! I guess it goes by fast, doesn't it? Happy Birthday to Ethan!