Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prayer Request

In just about a week and a half we will be taking our youth group to a winter retreat. This will be the third trip we have done with this group and it is such a great time everytime. The kids love it, they go snowboarding , sledding, hear God's word, and generally just enjoying being a teen.
When we started our group was very young and they are slowly getting older. We have been seeing God do so great things in the group and He is raising some of them up in His name.

Being raised in the church, I experienced a time in my life where this religion became my faith. I was raised in it, I always believed in God. But one day I realized it was more than hanging out with friends, more than my parents religion, more than my pastors speakings, it was MY relationship with Christ. I was around their age when I realized this.

It has been on my heart to pray for these kids that they will begin to have this experience. If you feel lead please pray for this up coming trip for our kids, that God's will would be done and that he would continue to raise up these kids and they would answer the call and make this religion, a personal relationship with God.



Priscilla said...

i will be praying for the kids and you and toph! you all are doing a Great work!

J and C Smith said...

Have an awesome time! I know God will do great things on this trip for those kids!