Thursday, March 4, 2010

30 before I turn 30!

A while back a good friend posted a list of 30 things she wanted to do before she turned 30. I became inspired and now that I have just under a year left until I turn 30, I have made my own.

30 Before 30
1. Weekend vacation with husband
2. Go to France
3. Move to a new house
4. Get our debt snowball rolling
5. Get on a regular devotional schedule
6. Finish Christmas scrapbook
7. Have a mommy and Ethan Day 'O Fun
8. Go to Hawaii
9. Take a cake decorating class
10. Get a new family portrait
11. Scrapbook night with friends
12. Walk on the beach and collect seashells
13. Go on a Missions Trip
14. Work on wedding scrapbook
15. Have a girls night out (or in)
16. Get on a regular workout schedule
17. Have an Auntie and Madison day
18. Get on a cleaning schedule
19. Fishing with Ethan and Chris
20. Everyday remember that life is precious and not guaranteed
21. Get more involved in Hemophilia Association
22. Go to Disneyland
23. Go see a taping of a live TV show
24. Get new larger coffee mugs (current ones are too small for my caffeine needs)
25. Go snowboarding
26. Go to a spa
27. Update my passport (maiden name probably won't cut it anymore)
28. Clean out closet and donate clothes
29. Swimming lessons with Ethan
30. Put music on my iphone (finally)

**Those in red are ones that I have accomplished. :)


Alexis said...

so fun! i hope you can get most/all of that done. you girls are getting me thinking. though i have more than a year still left in my 20s. i guess that gives me more time to consider my list. great list, amanda! now get on it!

Karen said...

I am moving your number 2 to the number 1 slot

Samantha Michelle photography said...

Sounds great!! I love you. By the way, 30 freaks me out and it was weird to be reading it. I still somehow think that you and Chris are joke. People ask me and that is the first age I say. Then I have to correct it later. Where have the years gone?!?

Anonymous said...

When would you like your Auntie Madi day? Let me know and Walt and I can arrange to get lost for a while.

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way that last post was your dearest sister