Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happiness is...(March 21st)

Recently my sister started a weekly blog posting called Happiness I thought I would join in and post what it is that makes me happy this Sunday night.

Ethan has recently found a deep love for stickers. When given a sheet of stickers he must take every sticker and put the stickers ALL over his clothes. It makes me laugh; he get so excited.

This photo was taken last Sunday. We had an a minor injury that required a trip to the good old ER (totally routine for us, I actually knew two of his nurses from previous trips. A blog for another day). Getting his IV started (that's the thing on his right arm) is difficult so his sweet nurse promised him stickers. She brought him three sheets of stickers and he put them all over, on his shirt and down each leg of his pants. So funny. It make me happy to see how something so simple he can make so much fun. Love this little guy!


Karen said...

Love it!!! He is getting so big! Wish we could just all meet down on the beach, have a bonfire and be together. one day/..

Priscilla said...

oh man that doesn't look fun. i mean i have been there and done that with gab, but seeing him in that environment makes me a little sad for him. he is so precious!

J and C Smith said...

Too cute! Love it when they go through different phases and just commit! We can learn so much from children...if you are going to do something, do it wholeheartdly! Even when it comes to liking stickers :)