Wednesday, July 6, 2011


It is amazing the things I can accomplish when not working. I have had tons of little projects planned since we moved into this house. I am getting some crossed off the list, the question is whether I will get them all done by the time I go back to work.

One of my projects was to make Bookslings to go in Ethan's room and to hold his books. I was super excited about this project. And no this was not a project for my sewing machine...that will be coming soon...I hope. This was a no-sew project. If I was still in the habit of blogging I would have taken photos of the project while I was making it, but I am a bit out of practice. So I only have a photo of the finished project.

I think they turned out pretty cute and now Ethan's books are in a nice location in his room (instead of in Chris's office) where he can get them out himself. It took me about four hours to make them. I don't exactly have all the tools required from some craft projects (like fabric sheers so my coupon cutting scissors had to do and man are they dull) so it took me longer than it needed to. Overall it cost me about $15-20 per sling also, a little more than I was hoping, but not too expensive. The best part, Ethan loves having his books right there for him!


Wendi said...

Looking we just need to use a few coupons on some SHARP scissors. ; )

AML said...

So cute! you are one creative mama! glad the time is proving to be productive for you. you know, in addition to raising two kids. you are a rockstar! btw, we have the same cars ramp/garage thing too. :)

kevin said...

We have the Cars ramp too!