Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Vacation Ends

Well it is Sunday night which means my "ski week" vacation is over. I have been off for the last week. It was a fun week. Last weekend we took our youth group kids skiing for a winter retreat (we managed to sneak some God things in their for them), I got to take Ethan to a class at the Y (a mommy and me tumbling class), we had play dates, listened to the Sesame Street CD (I can now sing all the songs by heart, but so cute to watch doodle clap along in the back seat), moved daddy into his office, bought a dinning room table...basically it was an eventful week; I am sad to see it end. I love my job, but I will miss being with the doodle all day. Although since I work for a school district it makes it a little easier...I work 195 days a year (which means I have a day off or so every time I turn around) and I have pretty flexible hours. So it is not so bad. Plus I get to work with kids with special needs. Love that! Have a great week everyone.


Priscilla said...

ohhhhh you got a new table!! can't wait to see it! glad you had a good end of your week!

amanda said...

Hey Silla-can't wait to hear how the weekend away was. Did the kids like the snow?