Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ethan's first word

I think, officially, Ethan's first is "ut-oh." Now at four months of age Ethan did the typical mama sounds, quickly followed by dada sounds. He still makes these sounds all the time, but he never really seems to tie those sounds Chris and I. So although he did say them, I do not necessarily consider them to be his first words (I know cynical, but I am school psychologist, I make a living out of working with developmental disabilities and the clinical side of my brain says "that is just babbling, not real talking." That side of my brain is hard to shut off at times). Well last night Ethan took a small tumble while walking, I said "Ut-Oh" (as I usually do to down play and not get him too worked up over it). He then proceded to look at me and repeat the words. I thought oh how cute, but then tonight he did it again. He dropped some toys out of the bath tub and said "ut-oh." This my friends is my childs first official word, where he understands and says it with intension. Interesting.
On another note, he has become so engaging in the last week. He tries to do all sorts of things to get our attention or to make us laugh. It is amazing to think that this time last year, he was this tiny little bundle, who was completely helpless and laid calmly in my arms. Now he is walking, almost running, all over and doing things intentionally to get our attention. It so amazing how God created us to learn so much in such little time. So fasinating.

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Samantha Michelle photography said...

OK so I can't not comment on this one. That is possibly the most adorable thing I have ever heard. How exciting that you created him and basically got to watch him learn and grow and progress into this little comedic boy. I am so glad that when he fell you didn't say, "that what she......" you know the rest. :-)