Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Sometimes life just gets overwhelming. There are good days and bad, it is just part of life. During the bad days it can be hard to remember that God is in control and what I want may not be part of his will at the moment. He has it all planned out and will take care of everything in his time. For myself it is important to try and focus on the positives like: I did not get a pink slip, when so many close friends and coworkers did, meaning I will have a job next year; we have a home; Ethan is great and healthy; Chris and I are healthy; we have a great support system; and Chris's business is doing well. Right now life is just busy. At times it seems chaotic, but I shall take it in stride and know that what I want may not be in God's will for us now. So I will sit in the still and listen for his voice to direct my path.


Priscilla said...

it should be out patient. it is scheduled for 3pm. so if all goes well we should come home in the evening. i read your blog. are you ok? are you stressed??

J and C Smith said...

I totally understand where you are coming from. I too am learning patience right now with God and his schedule, not my own. Some days it is so hard...thank goodness for the good ones to keep us on track! It can be really hard for us organized, plan-making people! Gotta learn to give up control, easier said than done!

Priscilla said...

i totally understand... by the way... jacob's surgery is going to be at 7:30am now they rescheduled him to the first surgery of the day! so we get to be there at 5:15am!!!