Monday, March 30, 2009


Ethan has become much more vocal these last few weeks. At our last count his vocabulary is up to 5 words. He is now saying "mama," "dada," "dog," "ut-oh" and "hi." We were a little unsure about the dog. We thought he might be saying dog but we were't sure (it sounds pretty close to dada), until this last weekend. We went to a friends house who has a cat. Ethan thought it was fun to chase the cat around (the cat definately had other ideas). As he was chasing the cat he said over and over "dog, dog dog." He defiantely says dog. Maybe we should start working on cat. Maybe the cat hissed at him because he was call her a it was probably because he was was chasing her around.
On a side note, Ethan has terrible season allergies (we learned this when he was three months old... ah genetics). Right now he is going through an allergy attack. He is not sleeping so great because of it. Pray he feels better soon. We can't give him makes him extremely hyper and he will stay up all night long. Poor little guy.

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