Monday, April 20, 2009

Dinner time

As a working mother, I look forward to those precious few hours that I get to spend with Ethan when I get home from work. I rush to the babysitters to pick him up and hope to hear that he was a good boy, had good naps, ate well, and since I used to be a clean freak (that was before Ethan) I hope he is clean. Today I picked Ethan up, he was a good boy, he did not nap all day (not babysitters fault he has been protesting lately), but he ate all day (I am sensing a growth spurt coming), and his white shirt was not clean. All that eating he did got in the way of a clean shirt.
Since Ethan had not gone down for a nap all day he was a little clingy when we got home and was pretty tired. My goofy, active boy was not in a playful mood. Chris was going to be coming home from the office late, but Ethan needed dinner quick before he crashed into bed. So the chicken casserole I planned for us all was a no go for Ethan. So he got dino chicken nuggets with ketchup, veggies and freeze dried fruit (those of you health nut, remember I was planning a chicken casserole, but Ethan had other ideas, I was desperate, so dino nuggets it was).
Ethan enjoys dipping things in ketchup; this is a new found discovery. When he was done with his chicken I looked up, from making the casserole for Chris and I, and saw to my horror Ethan dipping his fruit in the ketchup. Disgusting! What is with kids and ketchup, they will put it on anything. Ethan had a blast with this dinner and got it all over his shirt (I forgot the bib until it was too late, pretty sure the white shirt is stained).

The picture below is Ethan with ketchup all over his fingers; he did not just put chicken in his mouth it was the fruit. He is loving this (or maybe he was loving my reaction).

Daddy got home just as Ethan was finishing dinner and quickly got him in the bath while I cleaned the dishes. This is Ethan all clean after a crazy long day with no nap and ketchup everywhere! Despite no nap and being cranky prior to dinner, he was running around the table laughing while I chased him with a camera. Just a typical Monday night. How did dinner go for you all?


Priscilla said...

have you ever used dreft spray? it works wonders!!! i am convinced there is no stain that i can't get out! you should give it a try... have a good week!

amanda said...

I have never tried Dreft; I will get some tomorrow. I was so bummed. I love that shirt and when I picked him up it already had orange, I am not sure what, on it.
Guess what Ethan finally took to the other sippy cups. Yeah!

J and C Smith said...

That is so funny! It is amazing what kids will eat and won't eat at that age.

Samantha Michelle photography said...

He is getting so big, and he is sooo adorable. I love his hair. That's funny fruit and ketchup. Actually our night went the same. ok no it didn't. but it sounds like you guys had fun.