Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break

4 boxes of tissue, three doctors appointments, trip to Palm Springs, trip to Victorville. That was my Spring Break. Working for a school district I get a bunch of time off and since I am a fulltime working mom I really look forward to these breaks. I must say this break did not go as I had planned (again there is this underlying theme running my life, maybe God is telling me something), however a good time was still had by all.

Ethan and I were both under the weather the whole week. Ethan has pretty severe seasonal allergies (poor guy) and I had a nasty cold (that I am pretty sure is now a sinus infection). Ethan ended up going to the doctor twice...once he was prescribed medications for his allergies, the second he was diagnosed with a cold on top of the allergies (he caught that from me I guess). My cold got so bad I even went to the doctor (I never go to the doctor). It was a pretty full week dealing with our medical problems.

When Ethan started feeling better we had a chance to head out to Palm Springs to visit with Chris' grandparents. Ethan had a great time running around the lawn in the beautiful Palm Springs sunshine.

We also had a chance to go to Victorville to visit with my family. Chris and I went to my sister and brother-in-laws house and painted my soon-to-be-here niece's bedroom. It is so cute (I did not take a picture though), pink and brown with a border of Mickey Mouse heads. Love it. Can't wait to be an Aunt.

Easter was spent with both my family and Chris' family in Victorville. We had a very nice time and Ethan really enjoyed the Easter egg hunt. This was the first Easter I had spent at home in probably 5 or 6 years. It was very relaxing and we really enjoyed the Easter message at the new church mom and dad are going to.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday; although we were under the weather, we had a great time with family and celebrating Jesus sacrifice for us. Isn't it great that Jesus died for all of us and then rose again. How humbling is the amount of love he shows to each and everyone of us.

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