Monday, April 13, 2009


In the last month or so Ethan has been into "organizing." As a self proclaimed organizer (some of my favorites days are when I get to reorganize my closet or cupboards, etc) you would think this would be wonderful. And when Ethan first started doing this I was very excited that I "passed" that trait down. Well I have started to learn that Ethan's version of organizing and mine are two completely different things and that is ok (I have plenty of time to shape this gift of his, hehe). I started to figure this out when took Chris's art books off the bottom self of out bookcase. I set all Chris's books in a pile (waiting to be boxed and sent to his office) and placed Ethan's books on the bottom shelf. After I was done Ethan walked over to the book shelf and began placing daddy's books back on the shelf, then he decided he wanted some of daddy's and his books on the shelves. He was so serious as he moved all the books. He would place each book on the pile and pat it a couple times and then each for another off the shelf and repeated that action. It was pretty humorous. As you can see by the photos he got the books everywhere, but he intently moved the books from place to place as if he had some sort of organized agenda in mind; I just wish I could figure out what his agenda was. :)


Karen said...

You can have a mommy son organize day at my house!

amanda said...

I would love to Karen. When I get to Lillie in the fall it is a date!! :)