Saturday, June 13, 2009

The First Haircut

Well today was the day. Last Thursday I broke down and made Ethan an appointment to get his haircut (I could not be the first one to do it, I had pay someone else to). When Ethan was born he had a full head of golden blonde hair (see below). We used to put it in a little faux hawk (not too different than Chris's hair).

As he got older it started to fall out and when it grew in it came in very light blonde with some curl to it. I love the curls and did not want to cut them, but I also did not want him to look like a little girl or have a mullet. So this week when he was running around the curls where "bouncing" and his hair started to resemble a mullet, I made the call to Little Patty. Little Patty is mine and Chris's hairstylist.

This is Ethan before, fresh out of the bath and combed his hair straight. It is pretty long.

Here is a couple of more before pictures with the curls in all their glory (can you tell I love curly hair?). Although in this picture below Chris and I can't help but notice that there is a strong resemblance to Dwight from The Office. See how Ethan's hair is split down the middle of his forehead, that is how Dwight Schrute wears his hair. It is time for a haircut!

The Haircut begins...

Handsome Boy!! Little Patty did an awesome job. She is great. Ethan did not want to go to just her for a picture though, I think he was still a little traumatized about the whole process. :)

For being such a good boy we all went and got bagels (one of his favorite foods). The best part, he no longer has hair in his eyes, doesn't look like Dwight Schrute and still has a little bit of his curls left. He is just too cute for me.

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Samantha Michelle photography said...

haha Oh my gosh!! he does look like Dwight, well he did at least. I love the new cut. That Little Patty is so good. I love his hair either way tho. I love you painted a picture when you said his curls were bouncing. awesome!!!!