Friday, June 12, 2009

In God We Trust

Last weekend I went to my first woman's retreat through my church. I must admit I was not so excited to go. It is nothing personal, but I have just never been good at doing new things, or doing things where I don't know what to expect. Some of you might be shocked to find that I am really a shy person; a total introvert. I try very hard to come across outgoing and confident, but it is all a big cover-up (now the truth is out there). With the probing of some friends and Chris I went. I am glad I did I had a wonderful time getting to know some other woman in the church and getting to hear great speakers talk about God and the worship was fantastic (I love praise music).

The theme was "In God We Trust;" yes just like on US currency. We touched upon all facets of this phrase such as learning and remembering to trust in God in all areas of our lives, not worrying and fretting, knowing that God is bigger than any problem and even talking about how as a country we have this phrase on our money, but as a country we aren't exactly holding fast that statement. I was not overly moved, but it take me take a step back and evaluate my life and the desires that I have. Chris and I have struggled for the last year or so with our living situation. We have a condo we bought at the height of the market and now we can't sell and it is quickly getting too small (or so we feel). We would love to move and have tried to create our own ways to do that and nothing has seemed to work out. Going to the retreat reminded me that God is bigger than my living situation and that it is all in his timing. So pray for us that we can continue to seek God's heart and will for our living situation; at this point we don't have a peace about any of the options and not even about the option of stay here. And frankly that is frustrating most of the time. We are trying to seeking God's guidance for what his will for our family is.
Also when you go about your day, try and remember that this country was founded on "In God We Trust." Trust in God, he is bigger than any problem you may be facing.

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