Friday, January 15, 2010

The big project

Every Christmas break Chris and I end up doing some sort of reorganization project. We never plan it, it just sort of happens. This year...We made Ethan a big boy room. Our little baby is growing up. I am so sad and yet at the same time so proud and happy for him. He has grown so much in even the last two weeks. Working full time, Chris and I sometimes have a hard time remembering he is not a baby. It is too easy to keep him as a baby, but after being home with him for a full week over break, we decided he was a big boy and needed a big boy room. So we turned his crib into a toddler bed, cleaned out his closet (his closet has been acting as our "garage" since we moved in here) and made a trip to Ikea for some organizational tools.
The greatest part of the whole thing...ALL of Ethan's toys now fit in his room. Our living room is starting to look like a living room, not a play room.

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