Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pray for Baby Miles

*** UPDATE***
Thank you for your prayers!! Miles surgery was a success. Doctors thought this would be one of two surgeries with this first one being exploratory to see what exactly needed to be done. But God is amazing and faithful to hear the cries of his people and the doctors were able to complete the procedure in this surgery. He still has some recovery to do so please continue to lift him up.
You can read the full story about God's miracles with this family here.

About six weeks ago my friend and former college roommates, gave birth to twin boys. The boys were born at about 29 and a half weeks gestation. Both boys have made amazing strides. Tomorrow about noon one of the boys, Miles, is scheduled to have surgery for his esophagus. Right now Miles esophagus is not connected to his tummy. Please pray for Miles that the surgery goes well for Miles is a success, pray for his mommy and daddy tomorrow, and pray for the doctors performing the surgery. We have a big God and despite some peoples belief, He DOES still do miracles!!
You can check out their story here.


J and C Smith said...

Praying for the little guy! And for mommy and daddy!

amanda said...

Thank you Carri, your prayers are so appreciated by the family. Still waiting to here how it went earlier today.
Hope you are well!