Thursday, January 21, 2010

This day-Two Years Ago

I have been reminiscing lately, going through all my photos in iphoto looking at how much has changed in such a short time span. As I was looking through photos tonight and looked at the dates of certain photos, it dawned on was this day two years ago that I my surgery was reversed and I was allowed off of bedrest. All in all I was on bedrest from week 22 to week 36. Man that is a long time when I look at like that. I was so excited to be done with that part of my pregnancy for obvious reasons. I was that much closer to meeting E face to face, I got to get up and get out of the house, and let's be honest I did not enjoy being pregnant so I was that much closer to being done! But the main reason was it was a huge sigh of relief, the whole time I was on bedrest I was worried, the surgery wouldn't hold and I would give birth to E way too early, I was always on edge (not to mention that tributaline medication did not help that edge). Everytime he moved I held my breath, trying to determine if it was a contraction or really just him moving, as much as I tried to be positive there was always a thought of doom and gloom in my head. But finally I made it. I was so excited!
That day I was free to be a happy "normal" pregnant lady. I went to Target and Babies R Us to buy stuff off my registry in person, I went out to lunch. I ran errands ALL day long, and then Chris and I went out to dinner. It was awesome, but let me tell you my body was exhausted. That was the most I had done in months, literally! The countdown was one knew when the little dude would arrive. I was a day shy of 36 weeks and the doctors said he could be here anytime... So when would he arrive?

This is me at about 35-36 weeks


Priscilla said...

you looked very HAPPY in this picture!! i really didn't see you much when you were pregnant, so i don't remember your pregnant belly. we are so blessed to be apart of ethan's life!

susan said...

i love the belly!