Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ethan's turns three celebrations!

Awhile back I promised some photos from Ethan's 3rd birthday celebrations. SO here you go.

On his actual birthday it was an night ALL about him. The dinner was all the food he loves, you know those lovely and oh so healthy toddler foods. We had sting cheese, jello cups, goldfish crackers, Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets, and some juice boxes. Before his birthday I asked him what kind of cake he wanted. Thinking for sure it would be Lightening McQueen. But he said "a frosting cake." When further prompted he asked for a "blue frosting cake with Toy Story." I didn't realize we went with an entire Toy Story theme until his actual birthday, right down to his birthday gifts from Chris and I. Honestly I really didn't plan it. I actual started shopping back at black Friday and slowly started picking things up and then took advantage of those wonderful after Christmas clearance isles at Target. So a complete Toy Story theme is what he got.

We also took him to Chuck E Cheese with some friends. He had so much fun, he loves to play skeeball on my phone and thought the life sized version was too die for.

But he really liked this game...he would drop a ball and it would bounce around and land on a number and out would pop tickets; instant gratification!

Overall I think our little guy had a great third birthday! Happy birthday E. We can't wait to see how much you grown and change and how God shapes your life! You are such a joy!

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