Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Threadery

As further proof that I am embracing my crafty side, I give you The Threadery!

I am so excited.  After years of trying to convince my mom that she has a God given talent that she should shared with more than just her kids, grandchildren and their friends, she has finally realized this and agreed to be a vendor at a handmade, vintage market.  The catch was that I had to do it with her.  This posed a slight problem as I didn't know what sort of a craft I could come up with.  Well what will I be selling you ask...coasters!  I made a bunch of cute little coasters that I am sure everyone will need for their home.  Oh and I also helped mom come up with her both design.  My mom is selling all sorts of her beautiful sew goods (mostly baby and children's items).  I am not so good at the sewing yet.  Although I have sewn two things with my new, vintage sewing machine.  I guess I should blog about those soon.  I need more time! 

Back to The Threadery, it is in the north orange county area and we will be selling as Bethadee Zoo.  If you live in the area, or you just want to come on down, please come check it out.  There is going to be some great vendors there.  Hope to see you this Saturday! 

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