Thursday, October 27, 2011

from the eyes of a three year old

Tonight when I was getting ready to feed Kinlee, Ethan asked if he could take some photos with my camera.  He loves to take photos.  This is a photo stream of what he took tonight.  10 minutes in our house from the eyes of a three and a half year old.

Please excuse our messy house.  :)
 Kinlee's favorite "toy"
 My feet
 Ethan's hand
 Our nook (Silla- that's the tub with the scrapbook items from our Christmas album, hahaha)
 Wow our table is a mess

  Dad's office
 Door in daddy's office
 daddy's office from another angle
 office chair
 our wood floor
 my desk
 Ethan's foot (he thought this was funny)
Such a cutie patootie, my big boy is.  His photos did show me how much I need to clean though.  I really need more hours in my day!  What did you do tonight?


Wendi said...

What a genius! : ) I love those photos AND your little boy!

Priscilla said...

hahaha i love the scrapbooking bin! it means that there is hope that you will someday scrapbook again! thanks for the pics Ethan!