Tuesday, August 4, 2009

All Good Things Come to an End

I have been in denial for a few days, but I must face the music. My summer vacation is coming to an end. I have less than a week left before I go back to work and less than a week until Ethan goes back to daycare. We have had such a great time this summer, as a family. We have gotten to do some many things. I love my job, but I am very sad to have to go back full time. I wish I could stay home a little more to play with E, to take him to the beach some more, bowling, zoo, playing ball, all those good things. I have loved every minute I have gotten to spend with my family.
I guess I am just saying that tonight I am a little sad...

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Wendi H said...

me too....I'm sad for you & I totally understand. The break is wonderful, but some times it's just harder to go back. I'm wishing you and E an awesome year ahead :)