Monday, August 3, 2009


Last week Ethan got to go bowling. Some family friends called up and invited Ethan and I to go bowling with them and their kids while Chris was at work. Since Ethan has an absolute obsession with balls, I figured he would really enjoy this. So we went. Ethan had a blast, although he did have a hard time waiting his turn. The bowling alley had this cool ramp thing for the smaller kids to use. They get to set the ball up there and push it down the ramp onto the bowling lane. It was so cool.

Ethan was really contemplating which bowling ball to use. He LOVES to throw balls and he was totally overwhelmed with having to pick just one to use at a time.

Ethan pushing his bowling ball down the little ramp. He would get so excited.
Ethan watching to see how many pins he knocked down. We had a fabulous time. I wasn't so sure taking an 18 month old to a bowling alley was a good idea, but it worked out great and we both had a great time.


Priscilla said...

cute pics! it looks like you guys had lots of fun!

amanda said...

It was fun we should take the kids together.