Monday, August 10, 2009

One Day Down...189 to go!

Well today was my first day back to work after having the summer off. Now I only have 189 more days to go. I can get through it.
As a family we had a wonderful summer. This was the first time that I was off for the summer and Chris did not work for super-intense advertising agency (read: you must be a workaholic to work for them). Being that Chris now works for himself, he had some flexibility to hangout with Ethan and I doing the variety of activities that we did all summer. We had some wonderful family time, but that makes it even harder to go back to work. I am so blessed to have been able to spend this summer working getting closer to the kids in our youth group as well.
So what all did we do? Well here is a quick run down in case you weren't here:
  • swimming lessons with Ethan
  • became an aunt and uncle welcoming Ethan's first cousin into the world (we love you Madison)
  • surprised Aunt Sam by going to Santa Barbara, with my parents, to pick her up from her first quarter at school
  • took Ethan on his Avo's (Chris's dad) sailboat for the first time
  • multiple beach trips
  • multiple play dates
  • saw Auntie Jolene and Uncle David, visiting from South Korean (they moved when Ethan was only 4 months old)
  • went to the waterpark
  • a couple of swim parties
  • helped Chris print shirts for Cross Your Heart (CYH)
  • went to an Artshow that CYH was invited to
  • took lots of naps
  • organized the house
  • went shoe shopping (of course)
  • bowling
  • new hair-do (me not Ethan, still can't cut off the curls)
  • went to the San Diego fair
  • baked cookies
I am sure there were plenty of other things we did...I can't remember everything. But this summer was amazing. I saw God work in my little family, and draw us closer together. So I guess my summer officially ended Sunday night and today began my first day back at work/school. It went well, nothing too exciting yet; kids don't start until the 20th of this month. One day down...189 more to go.


Priscilla said...

yeah! i wish we could have done more together! how many days til christmas break?

Karen said...

Hang in there!!!