Thursday, July 30, 2009


A couple of weeks ago my mom came down and we did a little shopping. We had a fantastic time getting her some new clothes and also getting Ethan some new shoes. Ethan had grown to the end of his little Reef sandals, and since we are just now getting to August, and we live in So. Cal, we still a lot of summer shoe wearing left.

I am NOT a fan of crocs. Since the day they came out I thought "yes they look comfy, but man are they ugly." And I just could not get over the look of them. No offense to those readers who have them, love them and wear them; I just think they look like Minnie Mouse shoes. I just can't do it, however I do not pass judgement on those who do choose to wear them. I happen to have lots of adult friends who do wear them.

Crocs seem to be a pretty popular shoe for kids. Chris has told me on more than one occasion to not buy them for Ethan (he does not like them either). Personally, although I do not like them for myself, I do think they are cute for kids. I think it is a size thing. Have you ever been shopping and you see that cute top and the x-small is hanging in the front and when you go and grab your size and pull it out, it just doesn't seem to be as cute as it is in the x-small? It seems to me there is just something that gets lost in the translation of different sizes.

Recently I was out shopping with my youngest sister who happens to be about 6 inches shorter and 20-30 pounds lighter (depending on how much I want to say I weigh). She is just a much more petite person. Her and I found these cute little GAP sweatshirts. She found one in her size and I picked one up in my size. Just holding them up (not even trying them on) we both quickly agreed that in my size it was not as cute. The sweatshirt was wider but not longer when it came to my size, so it looked misproportioned. The attractiveness of the sweatshirt was lost in the translation of the sizes. All that digression to say that I think they are cute for little kids, I just don't like them in my size.

While out shopping with mom that day we happened upon the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and found our way to shoes. My mom pointed out the crocs and as the sales clerk was fitting Ethan for some cute winter tennis shoes I explained that I can not buy Crocs, because I have never really liked them and because Chris would not be happy if I bought Ethan crocs. As I was explaining that this lady happened to walk by and then approached me saying her husband used to be the same way, but now her son LOVES them and it is her husband who insist they buy him new ones when his wear-out. So I gave in and bought the crocs.

Posing with his new shoes!

This is Ethan's new face. He makes it all the time, we call it the ducky face.

Ethan loves them! And I must say he walks so well in them. We have had a few falls that have sent us to the ER lately (before he owned crocs) so I have been very concerned that he have good shoes and that they not be the cause of his uneasiness when walking. When I came home Chris even noticed how well he walked in them and now likes them. However since we both have a weird, passionate, dislike towards them, we have vowed to not have him wear them when he is older. Unless he really really wants to. :)

And again I apologize if I have offended any blog readers who may wear Crocs. I am slowly coming around though. :)


Samantha Michelle photography said...

Well I have to admit I felt the same about crocs as you did. But they looks really good on him and your right, he walked really well in them. AND they don't make his feet stink so that's a plus. Were these pictures before I saw you last? He looks different for some reason. I think its his eyes and hair. hmm...anywho, cute shoes Ethan! I love you guys.

Karen said...

I am so offended by your Croc comments... They are what all the fashionable French people are wearing. Or maybe not. The only person I have seen wearing them here are the Americans and my OB. But they sure are comfy and Ethan looks adorable, eh, handsome in them!