Monday, July 20, 2009

Beach Trippin

Now that Ethan has learned the water we have taken him to the beach twice in the last two weeks. He loved it. The first time he was not real sure what to think of the sand. He stood on the blanket and would not step foot on the sand. He sat on the edge playing with sand toys. Finally I put his little water shoes on him that I bought pretty impulsively. Glad I bought them. Once they were on his little feet he was off and had a great time.

The second time we took him he had no problem walking on the sand bare foot. Yeah. He had so much fun; he ran after his friend J. The two of the ran up and down the beach. It was so cute. The daddies even helped to build a sand castle with a moat. The boys like that, although Ethan did not want to get in the moat, instead he threw sea shells in the moat. Overall we had a great time on both trips. You can tell by the look on my face (Ethan's friend J took the picture of me, he really wanted to use the camera, he did a great job).

Look no water shoes. Yeah E!
Look at poor E's head and eyes. They look way better than they did last week (read down a few blogs ago to here the story of the his face).All three boys, Ethan, J and B in the moat the daddies made.

Ethan and J ran up and down the beach forever. It was so tiring following them. They have an amazing amount of energy.
Helping daddy build the moat.

Resting in his little beach chair at the end of the day, fully enjoying the sand; it is everywhere, his whole face was covered.


J and C Smith said...

Really cute pics! There is something so amazing about little kids at the beach, it is like they are experiencing one of God's wonderful creations for the first time!

amanda said...

It is so true Carrie. I don't think I have ever enjoyed the beach more than when it was with Ethan these last two times. To watch the excitement in his face and him trying to figure out the waves and how they work. The beach really is one of God's awesome creations.