Saturday, July 11, 2009

Eventful night

Tonight was eventful, and not at all how I had planned it out to be. I try to be tough, I have always tried to be the one who has it all together (even though I really do not), I try to handle emotional things with little emotion and drama (although my husband and others close to me know that is a HUGE front). Tonight we spent some time in Children's Hopsital ER. It never gets easier to be there. I thought maybe one day it would. Ethan fell and hit his head tonight. The bruise on his forhead began to develop immediately and started to swell. The sucky part...Ethan fell last Sunday and hit the same spot. We chose not to go to the hospital that day; the bruise was very slow growing and when we realized that he probably needed factor for his hemophilia for this fall, his blood had already clotted so doctors said to let it ride this time. We are still trying to figure it all; when he needs factor, when it is just a minor bump that needs no attention. It makes it harder that he is overly tough and active. He just keeps on going as if nothing is wrong. Tonight he was trying to run around the ER all the while looking like he got hit in the head with a hockey puck.
Although I can sit in the ER room and help the nurses give Ethan the shot he needs and I can do it with little emotion at the moment, I still get home, and it is still hard to know your baby is hurt, it is still hard to see your baby's forhead all bruised up, even when he is acting like nothing happened. Ethan is one tough cookie with a great personality and although I cry he continues to run around playing without missing a beat (well he cried for about two minutes and then went back to playing). I thank God he made Ethan that way, it makes it easier to deal with this all. I also thank God we live near a fantastic Children's Hopsital who are absolutely amazing when dealing with Ethan. I guess I am just emotional about it right now because, well, it is hard to deal with, but it has been a long weekend, with little sleep from for us all. Ethan is now sleeping soundly and we managed to get out of the ER within an hour and a half (that is really good). His head injury was not intercranial, and Doctors did not feel we needed a CAT scan tonight (thank God, Ethan would have to be sedated for that procedure). Ethan only needed his shot of factor to help with the swelling and bruising on his forhead. God definatly looks after this kid; I just wish Ethan's forhead would stop finding sharp corners.


Priscilla said...

poor boy! i will be praying for him!

Samantha Michelle photography said...

You guys are so strong. I am proud of you. I love you all. I pray his head will get better.