Sunday, July 12, 2009

Swimming lessons

In a previous post I stated that there has been lots going on and that I would back track some things. So here it goes. Earlier this summer Ethan had swim lessons. They were mommy and me swim lessons so we got to do this together. Also my good friend S and her son N, who is only a month older than Ethan took swim lessons with us. I thought Ethan would really enjoy the lessons as he loves bath time. For our first lesson Chris came along to capture this fabulous mother son bonding moment.
As you can see the photo below, Ethan did not enjoy swimming lessons as much as I had hoped. He did not think the large body of water was as fun as the bath. But we plugged along anyway.

This is us with our friends S and N swimming around. N loved the swimming lessons!

Apparently it is frowned upon at the YMCA to take photos. See this lady in the back of the photo, she is yelling at Chris from the water right here telling him to stop. Oops. Just trying to capture this quality bonding moment.

Now we were not allowed to take anymore photos during our sessions, so you maybe wondering if things looked better for Ethan and the swimming lessons. I am happy to report that in fact they did. The next session he really warmed up to the idea and each lesson he was more and more into it. By the end he was even sticking his own head under water and laughing about it when he came up. And you may also be thinking that I am making that up, since all the photos show Ethan hating this experiences. So for you who doubt me...
The above photo was taken last weekend at the pool here in our complex. He had a good old time with his daddy playing in the pool. I am looking forward to more opportunities for Ethan to hang out in the pool with us this summer. We had a great time with our swim lessons.

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Samantha Michelle photography said...

Aww how fun. He looks like he is having a blast. I love these photos. :-) Makes me want to go swimming.