Monday, November 9, 2009

Random Thoughts Making a Quick Apperance in My Mind

1. God is amazing (don't believe me check out this blog about this little guys amazing medical journey)

2. Sammy Sosa looks way lighter than he did playing baseball, what is up with that? Is he okay medically? Did the steroids make him look darker? hum....

3. Why won't Ethan sleep with a blanket in his crib? Instead he freaks out until I remove it.

4. When do single parents, or parents whose spouse is on deployment, take a shower? Currently taking that at night. Little afraid of what sort of trouble he could get in if I took it when he was awake...

5. How will the newly passed government health plan affect Ethan and his current medical treatment plan? I like the current set-up; nervous about this change.

**Told you it was random, this is what happens when I don't have much grown-up conversation (except for work). Have you had any random thoughts lately?

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