Sunday, November 22, 2009


I am pretty excited to have this next week off work. So what will I do to fill the time:
1. Take Ethan to his 1, 2 and you gym class at the Y
2. Bake the desserts for Thanksgiving dinner
3. Black Friday shop with friends while Christopher goes fishing with said friends spouses
4. Hold one work related meeting (I am too nice)
5. Finish my 25 days of Christmas scrapbook (so excited!)
6. Organize my house
7. Clean out Ethan's toys and hand some down to his cousin Madison
8. Sleep
9. Workout (we shall see if I actually accomplish this)
10. Blog
11. PLAY with Ethan and hang out with Chris.

I love breaks it gives me time to hangout with my boys and do the fun stuff I love to do. I'll have to do a few blog post about my above mentioned activities. Should be a busy entertaining week!
I hope you all enjoy this holiday!

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Samantha Michelle photography said...

Wow, you say it's going to be fun but some of your mentioned stuff sounds like work. If I didn't know you, I would think you were crazy (I would think it was fun to). What is that class at the y? What do you do there?